Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pet-n-You 4th Agility Trial Recap

~ The best agility trial venue ever ~

Objective of the day
1. Better offleash control and avoid the appearance of Pacco de Amuck Runner
2. Winning the easiest class - Jumper

We predict that Pacco will be less zoomie, but can't guarantee she might attempt to do a lap of honour during her run. Since this is an indoor trial with no grass in the near proximity, there is a high tendency for her to foul the ring.

1. Yummy treats - stimmed chicken meat
2. Favourite toy - Stinky rotten tug

1. Keep reminding Pacco that freshly stimmed chicken is around when she pay attention
2. Rest her in crate to prevent 'auntie' performance later
3. Bring her for potty after every 2 hours
4. Practise some heelwork, 'down' and tricks for warm-up prior to run
5. Remove the collar early and get her heel to the start line, to avoid over-reaction

1. In total of 6 runs, fouled the ring twice, initially poo-ed, later pee-ed.
2. Staring at the 'pause table' like she never seen it before in her life. Fortunately, no shouting is require for 'down on table'.
3. Many overshot at obstacles (adding some 'auntie performance' can help to prevent this)
4. Weave poles - no pop-out and no last-pole-mistake. Daily weaving practise finally paid-off.
5. 'E' and 'NQ' for both standard run, Elementary and Novice class.
6. Only 1Q and 1 clean run for the day, that result in 1st place for Jumper.

1. Luckily there isn't 6 different ways of fouling the ring, or else, Pacco might attempt it.
2. We should get a table with standard height at home and practise on jumping on it 100 times a day!
3. Obviously the course need a 'right side weaving'. So we should start to train for it.

Objective of the day were achieved. Upcoming trial objective is to "Go get that placing for 'standard' course!"


Molly the Airedale said...

You are a superstar in our book, Pacco! We love hearing about all of your accomplishments!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Amber-Mae said...

Nice action of you there! Congratulations to you once again! I hope I'll be able to get a placing next time for agility. Gotta start working harder & jump on higher hurdles & a more spaced out course at Ampang. My mommy's Agility class will be continued in Ampang & a new OB class will be held there too this Sunday. Do come by & check the place out...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Gussie said...

Look at the size of the crowd watching the ring. No pressure, then! :-) We had a similarly mixed bag at our most recent trial. No poo, but lots of randomness. You two did much better than we did, well done! I'm still editing the videos, then I'll post on our blog ...

Johann The Dog said...

Hey - you are progressing!!! Nice job! Way to meet your goal. Keep it up, buddy! Woofs, Johann

Tatum Tot said...

Awww Pacco, no making messies in the ring! I hope I don't do that but since I don't compete yet I don't have much of a chance yet... and anyway when I get nervous I usually don't poo or pee for days. LOL.

Hey you are so handsome you look so much like my brother Chase with our brown eyes!