Monday, August 15, 2005

Pacco got spayed.

Today, 15th August 2005. I bought Pacco to Klinik Kembiri at Setapak early in the morning. My dad drive me there. I tied her outside the compound and went in the office. Dr. Krishnan greets me and hand me the paper to sign. Then later I was instructed to bring in Pacco. The spaying surgery took an hour time and Dr. Natasha is the one who is doing the operation.

After an hour, Pacco lied down at the floor restlessly. She is indeed awake but just couldn't move her legs. I look at her, gave her a pat on her head and told her that 'everything is gonna be alright'. Dr. Krishnan advise me to get Pacco microchipped, so I agreed and it cost me only RM28.

I carried Pacco into the car and gaves her a cuddle. Initially she was sleeping soundly, but after about 10 minutes, she started to get active and wanted to look out the window as usual. I was relief that Pacco had recover her ownself that fast. I keep on asking her to lay down but she just refuse to.

Back at home, I put the e-collar that I bought for Kinki one year ago on Pacco. She seems like an astronout landing on earth. Its so cute.

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