Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Party @ PetsUnite

29th October 2005.

Eventhough I'm in my exam mood, I still couldn't resist the tempted to join in the fun at PetsUnite. Its a Halloween Part for Pacco.

I came with Janice and Darren at 7.30pm due to the traffic jam. I was so surprise that everyone dress up their dogs and there is so games ongoing. They have a few games which include the Best Dress, Longest Stay, Fastest Recall (with weird rules), and apple eating competition which is for human.

Shirley's Russell won the Best Dress and bring home a big pack of Eukanuba Dog Food, while Groovy with the pumpkin lantern got 3rd placing. As for the fastest recall, we have to call for our dog from one end and then carry our dog to run to another end. And for your information my dog weight 14kg!!


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Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

Hey Paco n Amanda, long time no c. Too busy with work or studies? Wah some of d pics on ur blog seem quite a long time ago. Nice 2 look back on it again, brings back memories. How come no more new postings?