Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Malaysia K9 Day 2006

8 January 2006

This is the first K9 Day for Pacco girl. My mum had already sew up a special edition Devil custome for Pacco and I've bought a red horn for her couple of weeks ago. Being a pure black dog, she really looks like a devil. Ofcoz with this special and unique attire, I'm aiming for some result in the Beauty Pageant Contest. I even got a fork for her and I've train Pacco how to hold it since last month.

As expected, Shirley also got homemade custome for both Jojo and Russell. Jojo dress up as a constructor worker, while Russell is the Red Indian. Last but not least, Groovy had a sporty look attire by carrying a Frisbee.

The weather is windy and no hot sun, most of us predicted that it will eventually rain. But it ended up didn't and we enjoy the nice weather. However, the games was organized in conjunction with the beauty contest. Thus, the participant that need to wait for their turn to go up the stage couldn't take part in the games.

As usual the games are fastest eating dual, fastest recall, musical chair and there are also K9 Unit, Obedience and Agility Demonstration. The most expecting part is when the K9 Dog were to jump over the flame hoop. That's amazing.

While I dress up Pacco and wait for our turn to show, many were impress by the weird look as if is Halloween Party. Most of dogs dress in cheongsam, probably because this is the Dog Year. Finally Pacco turn to present had came and unfortunately, she feels irritated by the custome and shaked her body. All the attire went out of place and I've to place them back while on the stage. So its expected the she will not qualified for the second round. However, Jojo manage to qualified for semi-final and lastly Happy manage to be the runner up for the Male Category and win the title Most Intelligent Dog by performing his skateboarding skill.

Shirley was so determine with lots of dog food. So she keep on rushing forward to answer the quiz being pronounced and manage to grab some hamper and ProPlan kibbles. If I'm not mistaken Groovy won Fastest Recall, Russell get a placing in Longest Stay and Musical Chair and Scruffy get placing in Fastest Eating and Musical Chair.

After the schedule had completed, I do stay on for another hour to play with Pacco at the lake. I keep on forcing her to jump into the water by throwing some sticks into the pond. However, she is so afraid that she might get drown. In constrast, Russell just loves swimming, probably because she is a gundog, so the gene is inherited. While I was playing fetching with Pacco, she accidently drop the ball into the lake. And as i tried to get it back, the ball float even farer and farer. Shirley attempt to ask Russell to retrieve the ball, but he just couldn't recognize it and didn't want to retrieve thing that doesn't belong to him. So finally, I gave up hope and went back without the ball. Anyhow, this is not the first time Pacco lost a ball.


Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

As I've told Russell n Jojo, think u 3 fellas were without doubt d best dressed n d judges must hv bn confused. If dey were gonna judge it like a Dog Owner Lookalike contest, dey shld hv said so.

Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...

yeah, ur so right...
i mean if pacco din win is acceptable..
but how can they let d 2 dog who r juz wearing T 2 get d cash prize..