Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Chinese New Year 2006

19 February 2006

This is Pacco first celebration of Chinese New Year and by coincidence this a Dog Year. As usual I'll pursuade my mum to made Pacco a new custome in conjunction with this celebration. And yet indeed, my mum comes out with a beautiful custome and all my relatives are amaze.

It preety weird that this morning, the first day of Chinese New Year, Pacco didn't make any noise at all from her cage. Maybe she could sense that this is an important day and she did not wanted to be scolded.

I do had a lot of cousins, most of them are at the primary school age and they just loves to play with a dog. They play fetching with Pacco and as expected I knew that Pacco will definately be able to retrieve despite being surrounded by lots of kids. Everyone of them couldn't wait for their turn to throw the ball. However, what amaze me is that I didn't expected Pacco to repear the task and again without any treats at all. And finally after fetching for more than half an hour, she is knockout, laying at the grass.

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