Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pacco's Dinner

17 April 2006

Today is the first time ever, i prepare such a cute little dinner for Pacco. Cause usually I just gave her plain chicken with rice, plain fish with rice, plain egg with rice. So now I've felt guilty and today I gave her a special dinner.

The ingredients include :-)
1) 3 pcs of Chicken Livers
2) 1 slice of Chicken Rib
3) 1/2 slice of Cheddar Cheese
4) minched vegetable
5) 2 pcs of prawn
6) 1 bowl of rice

For such a nice dinner, Pacco deserve to make a long stay for it. I wonder what happen to my camera, Pacco's eye looks like DIAMONDS!!


Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

Wow, scrumptious dinner! All I get is wet n dry kibble every day. Mayb I shld visit u more often.

HoOVeRbElL said...

hi dear,

it's really so happy to read about Pacco and the good life u are giving her.

I was reading through your blog from the beginning and i even cried when i read about how that woman dump Kinki. Stewpit fella doing such thing to animal... Just couldn't believe how they have that kind of heart to do so and when i read that Kinki was chasing that woman's car, that's sadder.

Well, we all hope for the best for Kinki now. Don't know where is she but just hope that angels will protect her.

Beckz / Rebecca

Anonymous said...

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