Monday, May 08, 2006

Pacco's Worst Experience @ d Vet

7 May 2006

I realized that Pacco's paw is getting worst after her injury from last two weeks trek. So I finally called up Dr. Prem's clinic. I was told that he will only be in after 2.00 pm, so I waited patiently for my dad to come over.

As soon as I reach, I saw a Saint Bernard being push out from the surgery room. He looks extremely BIG with a gigantic e-collar. When Pacco first arrive to the clinic, she starts to shivered as she knew something bad is gonna happen to her. She wait quietly for her turn and when she enter the consulting room, she get paniced.

Dr. Prem wanted to look at her wound, but as expected Pacco fought all her might to get herself released. I just couldn't caught hold of her and Dr. Prem take charge and forcefully push her down on to the table. Pacco yelp so loud that my father sitting near the reception could able to hear her voice. Then something bad happen or I think should had describe it as 'dirty'. Pacco poo out right on the table and some dropped on the floor. Its really stinks and its seems to be unusually stinks. Perhaps fright could make a well toilet-train dog to poo unexpectedly and its unusually stinks. Poor Dr. Ada had to clean up the mess and her bottom too.

Actually I had already expect that it would be a little trouble for the doctor to examine her. She had been to vet for three times and everytime, she will also growl and showing all her teeth. I really had to admit that she is definately a fierce one. And every doctor also wanted her to wear the muzzle. Last time, Kinki always sit quietly without moving an inch when the doctor inject her. She doesn't need a muzzle at all.

What shocked me even more when everything is over. Dr. Prem asked me whether did I picked Pacco up as a stray? Because he feels that Pacco seems to have bad experience with strangers and she seems very fierce when he approach her. I explained that I adopted her from a friend and get her when she was just 1 month old. I told him that Pacco is indeed a friendly dog and she like to be pat by strangers. Is just unfortunately that she dislike men, especially dark skin colored.

Then Dr. Prem conclude that, "maybe she is just RACISM". I couldn't stop myself from laughing when I heard that.


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