Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lauching of Dog Scouts of Malaysia

17 June 2006

Today is the lauching for the Dog Scouts of Malaysia and I arrived at Ikano around together with the green backpack that I promise to bring for Amanda. After about 10 minutes wait for the lift, I manage to enter an empty one and was surprise to meet with Yen Ling and Hero at the basement. We both went up to do some shopping at the Pet Safari. After buying 3 x 1.2kg Lamb & Vegetable canned food for Pacco, we went down to the courtyard through the emergency exit.

Was so surprise that there is a tent being built up with a lotsa spectator waiting to watch the agility performance. Chris came with Amber and Angel, while he told me about Angel's unfortunate in the groomer that evening. Her right ear was being cutted and bleed. What a bad experience. So better not to trust any stranger and do the grooming yourself.

While during the FIFA World Cup season, there were two dog being dress up in football jersey. Argentine vs Brazil! I thought of buying a Beckham jersey for Pacco long time ago, but still feel that the T is too expensive.

Shirley came with both Russell and Jojo. As usual she complaint again about Jojo misbehaviour and felt all stress up when she brought Jojo out. I think probably is because Russell is being TOO obedient, that's why this make the ordinary Jojo looks disobedient.

Finally, here comes the lauching. We were all presented with a red scarf, a CD manual, membership card and a Tenderpaw Badge.

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