Monday, September 25, 2006

Malaysia Responsible Dog Ownership Day 2006

24 September 2006

~ Dookie trying to 'seduce' Pacco? ~

It was raining early in the morning. Yet I still manage to reach Central Park at 8.30am. Despite getting all soak up, Pacco was enjoying a great run around the park. Playing prey catching with Piper, and her son, Dookie. Meanwhile having a leisure time before the game commence, I met the dog-less Yinn Yinn and Iskandar and later Natasha with Cleo, Vanilla, Zucker and Jade, the Mini Toy Poodle, which indeed very mini and surprisingly Yen Ling together with Hero and Casper, the 2 white maltese. The first game that we entered was the Best Dressed Dog. There aren't many participant due to the rainy weather, and most other contestant are wearing normal T. So I was kinda confident that Pacco's samurai suit inherited from Groovy with some newly added laces will at least win a 3rd prize. But sadly, Best Dressed Competition was never my dogs cup of tea. Maybe I should actually give up hope in this.

~ Rain, rain go away, come again another day~

The rain finally stop around 10.00am and with all the K9 Demonstration and Dog Parade, the games start at 11.00am. They started off with Obi-Agi Dash, but Pacco failed to stay while I ran to the other end. Good try anyway, at least she ran to me, instead of running away like she use to be. As for Groovy, his stay is superb nowadays, and he was ofcoz the winner this round.

~ Having a rest at the tent ~

Next came the Fastest Recall. As I doesn't had a partner to help me hold Pacco. I requested the commity member to help. When the whistle was blew and the leash being released, Pacco doesn't seems to reliazed, the race had commence. Only until she manage to notice other dogs had started to run, she then tried to dash at her top speed. And finally, it was a Re-Call, and Pacco won 2nd placing. While first was, Groovy the mud-lover who intially got himself all soaked up with mud, nearly converting his white coat into brown coat.

~ Getting ready for d Ultimate Recall ~

Later, Pacco did tried out the Longest Sit Stay, Musical Chair and Leash D' Dog. For the Longest Stay, she got tempted to eat the food offered by the commity member, which is just a normal dog biscuit that I remember she don't actually like it (No. 1, failure)While, Piper the defending champion yet again was crowned the 'Longest Stay Winner'. While Dookie was the 'Fastest Eating Winner'.

~ Suffering during d Longest Sit Stay~

As for the Musical Chair, when she's suppose to stay infront of me, she escape back to the resting tent looking for shade when I dropped the leash (No. 2, failure).

~ D Musical Chair game ~

Lastly, Leash D' Dog, I was suppose to hold on the a tissue paper that tied to Pacco's collar as a leash. When the whistle was blew, Pacco ran at her top speed, treating it as a 'Fastest Recall' probably. The tissue-made-leash tore into pieces and we got disqualified (No. 3, failure). Same goes to Groovy. Probably this game was not meant for dogs with speed.

Finally, here came the game that we anticipated for, 'The Obstacle Challenge'. I was hoping there will only be some hurdles, tunnel or dogwalk. But surprisingly, there was instead a see-saw. Ooops, Pacco's nightmare and mine too.

~ Getting ready for d 'Obstacle Challenge~

But miracle sometimes do happen and it happened that day. After jumping through three hurdles and weave through a couple of cones, Pacco just ran straight to the see-saw and leap off, probably at the end, with the finishing time of 18 sec. When the result was being finalized, Pacco emerged as the 1st runner-up, while the Champion was also Groovy, the Land Torpedo, with the time 15 sec. Hurray!

~ I wonder are they laughing at my performance just now~

~ Pacco staring the food that she had earned ~

~ Photo session with Groovy and Scruffy ~

After the exhausting event, we all enjoyed a stroll around the park. I mean the dogs are strolling, while the owners are hibernating.

~ Pacco dashing with a Dalmation ~

~ Practising to pose like a 'Top Model'~

~ This one is funny. I'm actually holding his 'belonging', that's the reason why he's staring at me ~

The rewards was two 3kg pack of ProPlan Salmon dog kibble and 3 pack of 'Begging Strips' (~Yummy~). And enough of eating Hero's kibbles (that taste 'urrg!'), now Pacco can enjoyed her own Salmon dish. By the way, thanks to Fawn and Mun Yee for providing the food, beverages and transportation. This time we miss both Russell and Jojo in action.


Jojo said...

huraay! happy to hear piper, groovy n pacco enter the winner list again! can't wait to see more photos.. we miss all the fun... catch up with u guys again!

Natasha said...

Hi Amanda

It was excellent to see you and Pacco the other day, although we didn't get to chat that much since pacco was too busy splashing about in the water.

I have one picture of Pacco on my multiply site...


Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

Great effort by Pacco! Hv some pics of Pacco which I'll email 2 u.

Tks 4 putting up my mugshot as well.

Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

Great effort by Pacco! Hv some pics of Pacco which I'll email 2 u.

Tks 4 putting up my mugshot as well.

Amanda85 said...


tis time pacco brake pad is functional, so can get placing in fastest next time, dis game is guarantee for pacco....

groove n natasha
thx for d pic..

Amanda85 said...

couldn't wait 4 d pic..

Sunshade said...

Ohhh that looked like such a fun day!! Maybe next year Pacco will get the longest sit stay, but that fast dash is pretty impressive!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Amanda85 said...

longest stay? tat v'll need another miracle...haha

Molly said...

wow.. u're posing beautiful gal ! nice job done !

next time must join u guys !

Amanda85 said...

haha...coz pacco is practising for d next event... Top Dog Model..

Amanda85 said...


Che-Cheh said...

Congrats Pacco. :))