Tuesday, October 17, 2006

D' Roadrunner

The life of a runner, who is still struggling to achieve the speed of light. Being built for speed with a flexible body and a large stride. Sprinting is a very difficult combination of aggression, relaxation, technique, and efficiency. And contrasting bodybuilding, gaining too much size can become a negative, and my current weight is 14kg. Generally speaking world-class sprinters are not from large breed pedigree. In fact, what's interesting is that some sprinters do not lift weights at all! But for those of us who aren't as genetically gifted, the ultimate goal is having incredible strength to weight ratios, lean body mass, and a well developed central nervous system for a fast reaction and the ability to explode on command. There are a various place whereby I could actually do some training to improve my current record.

Pet-n-You @ Sri Sedaya School Field - an spacious open fenced up field to train solely for speedwork. Ideal place to use your V8 engine and train for 'd Ultimate Recall.

Home Garden - a small garden with swings, trees and flower pots around- good place to train for 'obstacle challenge' and upto 360 degree turning. Pre-training checklist : Make sure your brake pad is functional.

Taman Jaya - a public park with lotsa 'non-dog-lover', therefore required leashwork - train to adapt with owners 'sub-standard jogging' pace. A good place to train for future 'Dogathon event' and my owner personal marathon event.

Gasing Hill - Jungle trekking with canine lovers every Saturday is the most luxurious weekends. A challenging trial that require x-treme good eye-sight, or you'll ended up banging on the tree trunk and tripling over the roots. Splashing around the water and enjoying some hunting games in the woods are optional.

It is an endless sport, one that requires tremendous devotion, patience and discipline. Time and time again, I approach the starting lines, feel the familiar contour of the track beneath my feet, and glance at the competitors around. There is no one to help me, no one to provide those last words of encouragement. I am truly on my own as I take my marks. Hear the starter's gun and hurl my body down the track, as fast as possible, in a blind rage towards the seemingly distant finish line.
~ Couldn't wait for the start ~

~ Oh yeah, I'm d black mutt on d right ~

That is the high point of a sprinter's life and very few canine can be successful in it. The talent to run fast is one component, but the focus and drive, the welled-up fire inside each sprinter that explodes along with the starter's gun, propelling the runner down the track, must come from somewhere. Behind every good sprinter is an upbringing that creates and then shapes this type of mentality.
~ I'm gonna catch you ~

Life is yet again natural. So why bother training for stuff that's not your cup of tea, when you can achieve something that is just a piece of cake. So 'Say No to OB!'. Running Rulz!


Sunshade said...

Wow you guys are training for Dogathon?? Pacco looks SOOOO fast, and sooo happy too!! Love her pictures on the BubbleShare too.

BTW, come check out the X-mas Card Exchange and see if you are interested!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Natasha said...


Your updated site is SUPER COOL!!! I'm really impressed! And how did you get all those amazing pics of Pacco???

Natasha said...

PS: I especially like the picture of Pacco chasing/racing with the Dalmation!

Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...


yeah...i think u shld hd realize tat i found out bubbleshare frm ur site...btw, thx for d x-mas link..


d pic of her chasing d dalmation is snap by groovy....

others i snap myself...n ofcoz there's a lots of failure....among 30 pics, onli these few r nice 1..

Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

Nice write-up. A happy dog is 1 dat is running at full speed, with no leash.

OB dogs, yup they r a funny bunch ... mayb dey dun hv a choice?

Like d Bubbleshare, cn any1 use it?

Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...

yeah...juz log on 2 bubbleshare.com

mynameisboo said...

Mama read about the pet-n-you at sri sedaya school field too. but it is rather too far for us coz we live in jalan kuching, kl. maybe she'll bring me this weekend since it is a long weekend

licky wet wet licks


Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...

looking forward 2 c u @ my playground...v can had a great run 2gether...

e said...

Wow, I love seeing the pics of Pacco.
How is the haze situation in Malaysia? Im not taking Fei out on that many walks anymore.

Fei & E

p.s. happy that we can send you xmas cards for the DWB xmas card exchange!

Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...

pacco couldn;t wait for fei's card...hehe...very excited wit it..

d haze here is pretty bad...n i didn't get a chance to train for d next month runs...

Sam I Am said...

I sure would love to run at your playground..AWESOME pictures.sniff-sniff

Lot's of Lick's

Jojo said...

your blog getting power. pacco such a happy mutt, lucky fella... more video pls

e said...

Oh no, Haze bad in Malaysia too eh. I've decided that since Fei's a tough Singaporean "drain dog" and she needs her exercise, I will still take her out; but maybe earlier in the morns and at night when the HaZe isnt that bad.

Jojo said...

hey fei, yea the haze is very bad over here, i didn't go for long walk with them either recently... :( hopefully next year they won't repeat the same mistake again and we all have to suffer..

Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...

urg!! wonder when d haze will stop...

anyway, is a good solution 2 keep me indoor 2 study for my coming exam....haha....10 more days 2 go!