Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pet-n-You Dog Carnival Day 2006

19 November 2006

D weather was good enough without any rain, but unfortunately the big field was not being utilize due to its bad condition. The main event of the day was Agility and Obedience Trial, judge by the honourable Mr. Tan from Singapore, together with some creative K9 X-games for active canine participation. Once I reach the field, I met Shirley with both her Russell and Jojo. To my surprise, she really did forbide Gab from coming to prevent him from distracting the dogs performance.

~ Its the opportunity to work for food now! ~

The day started off with Groovy's specialties, 'd Musical Freestyle' and he ended up the session with another 'Hop on the foot'. Flyball demonstration was being cancelled as the equipment was under repair. Later, we manage to witness the protection dog performance by Henna, the Belgian Malinois. At the same time, the Obedience Trial was ongoing, which Amber was participating in. I met alot of fur friends around, which include, Vodka, Benji, Cha Cha, Baby, Hero, Casper, Yen Yen, Husky and also Silky gangs.

~ Hop on d foot stunt ~

This is the first time we had 'D highest jumper'. I was pretty confident in this as I always declare my Pacco trademark was a 'Horizontal Leaper', but at the same time was pretty worried that she might dissapoint me. However, with Groovy hibernating at the bench, Pacco manage to emerge as the champion for both the 'Highest' and 'Longest' Jumper with ease. The record was 8 feet width and 28 inch high. We give the 'Ultimate Recall' a miss as I planned to preserved our energy to other games.

When its time for 'The Top Dog Model', which is some kind of 'Dog Fashion Show', we were so surprise to see Groovy participating in it, cause usually he is the one teasing Russell and Pacco being the 'Fashion victim'. Wonder how's his thought this time when the situation is vice versa.

~ Can you give me some air-cond, plz ~

So now its the time for the serious one, Agility Trial. Pacco took part in the Basic Jumper - Maxi class, which constitute of 6 dogs. During the first run, Pacco speed off as I released the leash when we came to the tyre and tunnel obstacle. I would describe it as a disaster. While for the 2nd run, which is also our last chance, I tried to control her pace and use treat to prevent her from running away. We aim for a clean sheet of result without any faults. When the result was out, the were only 3 dogs with 0 faults and Pacco secured herself with a 3rd place. This means that among the 3 dogs that did not commit any faults, Pacco was the slowest, which was kinda embarassed for her as 'D Roadrunner' title holder. However, I breath a sigh of relief when I knew I manage to bring home a trophy. While for the Agility Novice class, Groovy, d Land Torpedo and Russell, d Most Original successfully claimed their second consecutive agility title by emerging as the champion and runner-up.

~ 16 inch is just peanut ~

~ Oh, Mr. Tan, this is the prize d owner is dreaming of for the past few months ~

The day ended up with the game 'Top Trick Dog'. I had actually planned a few new moves, but it didn'y turn out as expected as Pacco doesn't seems to be interested at all. She even refuse to do a 'Bark'. So we just manage to complete a normal forward and backward weaving and ended it up with a 'jump over the back', which she need a 2nd attempt to successfully leap over my back. And we get ourselves a 2nd place.

~ Hi there, can u see me? ~

~ So owner can stop worrying about her pocket for at least 2 months ~

Finally everything had ended and Russell and Jojo can enjoyed themselves splashing around the lake, while Groovy couldn't help himself but keep retrieving his ball over and over and over and over ................ again until it doesn't seems to end, WITHOUT ANY REWARD! What about Pacco, she just having her sweet time strolling and sniffing around the park until she wander off the the main road without me noticing.

~ My trophy can actually look even more stunning, if the camerawoman had more skill ~


Boo said...

hey pacco,

wow! you won so many pack of kibbles! i think you can live by your own without your owner coz you can support yourself by going to "show"! LOL

wet wet licks


Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...

hahah.....ur probably rite...

but this time v're lucky coz there was high n long jump....if it wasn't, then i doubt i can bring home that haul of food..

e said...

I seriously think that Pacco is the most intelligent dog I know.
I wish I could meet her and hug her. Does she like humans?

Eve & Fei (still waiting)

Sam Iam said...

What an AWESOME trophy .Way to go,We kmow that you worked very hard for that .I would like to help you sniff around you dog foood,sniff-sniff

Lot's of Lick's

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Yay Pacco! You guys work so hard for this - I am glad you won.

Bussie Kissies

Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

Hibernating or not, dont think I cn beat 8ft in long jump, possibly equal it only.

28" in high jump, hv only jumped 26" before. So u hv set a very high standard for all to beat. Sweet!

Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...


thx 4 ur compliment, unfortunately pacco was not even in par wit groovy, russell n jojo when comes 2 agility n obedience...


hey.....stay away frm my food! :D


owner was d happiest tat day....i juz did my normal routine...


hope tat pp.com wil come up wit similar games during d k9 day....then v can both 'GO FOR IT!'

Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

Yarman, bring it on! But dey hv long jump into carpet of flour/ powder ... dogs wun really perform coz not so silly.

High jump, mayb?

T-man said...

Pacco - You are such an athlete! My mom and I are impressed with your skills. I don't have any discipline to learn tricks or practice anything. I'm just a couch potato..

Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...


yeah...jumping thru only 1 hurdle is kinda hard 2 show ppl our true color....anyway, owner will try to think of a solution...mayb ask her to stretch a leg in front....haha...


time 2 get some workout....!

Prince said...

Wah... you so cleaver... should learn from you very much ! I just know eat my pappy dog food... dont know earn :p

Natasha said...

Hey Amanda and Pacco!

Well done! The trophy does look quite amazing!

Natasha and Cleo

Sunshade said...

WOW Pacco,

CONGRATS!! Looks like you earned yourself at least a month of dog food!! You are a star!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...


its definately more than a month...coz owner feed me wit juz lil food:(

e said...

Pacco is so cute. I looked at the photos again and see how she was looking at the camera when you weren't? CUTE!!!
She knows she's a star.

Fei & E

Che-Cheh said...

Congrats again Pacco!

Now how many kibble packs you have in your home?

Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...


yalor...embarass, even pacco know how 2 seek for cameras...


now is accumulating, coz i'm a slow eater...