Monday, January 15, 2007

Malaysia K9 Day 2007

~ Best shot of d day (but actually it was a fault) ~

14 January 2007

My 1st offleash agility run finally took off. This time, both my pal who inspired me so much did not run along with me. Russell was missing in action, while Groovy was being banned to take part, probably all the other dogs can already feel the sense f authority by his presence. But it was definately a let down. It was a beginner course, which was rather simple, with a couple of jumps, dolg walk, pause table, a low A frame and open tunnel. So we intend to give our first ever offleash tryout, eventhough there is only one attempt available. Is a good opportunity to test out my offleash skill and boost a sense of confident for my owner. I think she was being over excited about me speeding offleash over the hurdle until she had totally forgotten to make sure that I make to the contact area of the A frame. So this is the main reason we lost. Besides that, I do overshoot the pause table by slipping down from its slippery surface, but I manage to overcome it instantly and the rest were straight easy hurdles. But too bad, Mr. Rocky just manage to capture a shot of me coming out from the tunnel, no picture of me clearing off the hurdles. I am proud that I'm among the only 3 dogs that did offleash on the field, with Angel and Cami. When they announce that Cami was the 1st runner up, I was 100% sure that Angel will be that Champion, but no. Pretty shock isn't it?

~ Please stand behind d white line. But I can't wait to start off ~

~ Dog walk ~

~ Tunnel ~
~ Pause table ~
~ A 'low' Frame ~

~ Hurdles ~

I definately came for the kibbles. The first game that I intended to join is the Fastest Recall, just to stretch my muscle to prepare for the Agility run. But then, a committee member told me that this game was meant for beginner. *Piss* (because there definately some seasoned winner on the ground). So I reluctantly got to sacrifice 1 pack of kibble and patiently wait for the next game, which is the hurdle dash. Yet another dissapointing moment, as the committee cancel off the game. I feel like shouting 'HEY! You ask me to wait for it, and now you just cancel it off". The same goes to the Best Trick event, which I had spent so much time practising for perfection for the last 2 months day and night. But I just think that I should not mourn too much, as Groovy the Best Trick Champ, did not actually make a big fuss out of it. But he show out his dissatisfaction by doing it out the field.

~ No Best Trick? Never mind, I can still perform it off d ring ~

I'm Pacco, the Roadrunner. Ofcourse I will never go home empty handed, eventhough they cancel off the two games that I aim for Top 3. When its time for the Fastest Ball Retriever, the trainer Lau together with his Belgian Malinois did a demo for us. Then during the game, Groovy the Ball maniac unexpectedly went away looking for his mudpool before coming back to his owner. I think he did not notice that this time the ball retrieving is not just simply a game. Is the opportunity to bring back home the kibbles. Luckily I do keep this in mind and I manage to hit my best time. Later, the trainer decided to join in the game with his attentive Malinois. Do you think a Schutzhund candidate can beat me, the Roadrunner? No, I just don't think so. And indeed, I bag home the 1st prize. Eventhough my owner claim that I'm not too fond of chasing around for the ball, but when come to serious business, I know exactly what to do.

~ Pacco : Hey pal, why you run off. We should be Top 2.

Groovy : Maybe you don't notice, there is an irresistable mudpool over there. I'll show you later ~

However, it is the annual Beauty Pageant that became the main attraction that offer cash prizes worth RM500, 17kg Dog Kibbles and the biggest trophy that I'd even seen. My owner observed from the side of the stage with a little feeling of envy as her dog, which is myself, is not as pretty as others. But I'm so glad thart I no longer need to dress up like a 'black ape' in girlish suit, as she had already totally given up on fancy dressing event *Relief*. Eventhough they had an award for the Most Intelligent Dog, which I think we could give it a try. But from the previous year experience, everydog need to as least qualify for the second round, then only we got the chance to perform the trick to the judges. But I'm happy for Amber, she really looks sweet in her pink suit and along with her gracefully done dancing move. As for me, I moves as if I got some motor neurone disease.

~ Ready for more action ~

Oh, did I had just forgotten to mentioned? This time Groovy was the 2nd runner up for Longest Stay. That's surely amazing. Can you imagine the Land Torpedo can stay? I had actually not practising the 'Stay' for more than a month. But I think from now onwards I need to remind my owner about it. Just in case that they doesn't had High Jump, Long Jump and also no Best Trick. Then we really need to work on the Longest Stay or even the 'Musical Chair'. * Sigh*.

~ Oh, pity me. Juz 1 bag ~


Dachsies Rule said...

Hi Pacco! We are impressed that you won something. We have never won anything ... well, we won our mom's heart and that counts for a lot to us. We think you will be the big winner one day at the event. And we can say we knew you before you were a SUPER-STAR!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Amber said...

Pacco,ur tail is so fluffy like a squirrel! Can i bite it? I feel very geram! Pacco,maybe you should try out beauty pageant next year. Tell ur owner to give it a try. You look really energetic! Hope we can make friends one day! But I'm really shy and maybe snap at u...

Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

Reason I didnt make a fuss bout d cancellation of Best Trick is coz I already predicted b4hand dat dey wld do just dat. If both of us didnt turn up, dey might hv held it.

Che-Cheh said...

Congrats Pacco! Another great win. ;)

Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...


do u really think so...then v'll juz gotta make sure v're 'alwiz' there...

i don't plan to miss any of their event, eventhough it didn't suit our taste tat much....

Sunshade said...

Pacco, see, I KNEW you can do from a long long time ago!!!!! I am so proud of you.

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...

thx 4 ur support sunshade

regine said...

congratulations! pacco u won again! :)
too bad baby didn't get to attend the event.. was having uh, u know.. the girl's stuff..

benjiboy said...

Hey Pacco! Congrats! Yeah, you should join the Beauty pageant next day! You are slim, leggy, sexy, pretty and intelligent! Can show off your tricks there and then! Ohh..and both mommy & I love your bushy tail! How I wish I had one... (mine is just an inch long..)

Amanda Lee Jia Hui said... tail get bushy when i aged a little....

when i'm younger, i don't hv it...

Dean-O! said...

I think that you are a black beauty. For sure you would stand out in a REAL Montreal winter -- that’s when the snow falls on frozen ground & stays until Spring Thaw! We are getting another 40 cm. of snow today & it is VERY cold.
Check it out here