Monday, March 05, 2007

2nd BarkDay!

3 March 2006

Oh, I'm turning 2 years old. So I can now declare I'm a mature adult mutt who had already passed my adolescent age. I become less hyperactive, less maniac, less wanderer and less mischevious. This year, I made my wishes, hope to get more height, more weight or even more food.

Early in the morning, I prepare to enjoy my big day. I get all excited when my owner got into the gear for a jungle trekking, but all because it was a Saturday. Anyway, it was still a great gift, jungle trekking was the most enjoyable outing that I had ever experience in my entire lifetime. Yea, is because I haven't been on any great vacation before.

As usual, Mr. Rocky will act as Mr. Santa giving out his Japanese-made treats. Most of the dogs are often being ask to sit politely, but Mr. Rocky always demand me to do a high jump for him. It might looks unfair, but I do prefer jumping than sitting.

~ Oh, Yen Yen had start lining up. I better get in Q ~

My birthday is never gonna be comparable to my other furfriend, like Faith for example. I think is abit link to the tradition. The entire household don't have the tradition of celebrating any birthday occasion since the youngest brother turn 12. Basically, they just enjoy some nice meal.

My owner is being exceptionally generous today. First, she bought me a 'Dog Candy' from Petsmore. Then she gave me to try some egg rolls left over from the Chinese New Year season together with some peanut butter. I had been eyeing this food since 18 February and until now only I manage to taste it.

~ Doggie candy? ~
~ Can I eat already? ~
~ Yummy egg rolls + peanut butter spread ~

After she came back from some shopping. It was offer a cup of 'Low Fat' yogurt. She probably thought I'm being too fat. But this cool 'treats' really taste great! I hope I could get it more often. My adoption day it just around the corner.

~ 1st time tasting some 'low fat' yogurt ~
~ I better help myself ~
Lastly it was the time for dinner. I could already smell the raw beef being brought out from the refrigerator. My owner hardly enter the kitchen, and only if she need to cook herself some instant noodle.

~ Raw material is ready to be cook. Expect to be turn into a delicious meal ~

So this time she attempt to do some sizzling, which I really doubt her capability. But being a mutt with limited taste bud, I think I can accept it. The cooking took approximately 1/2 hour and from the aroma, it seems delicious. Even the siblings wish to had a try. But definately a 'No. No.' Cause it was hardly enough for myself. It might looks abit unhealthy, but what's the harm which I only get it once a year.

~ Hey, remember that I want 45% cooked and 55% raw ~
~ From the look itself, I give a Pass ~
~ The judge couldn't wait to taste it ~
~ Arrgg!! My food are being transfered into a 'dog bowl'. The beautiful glass plate is solely for commercial purpose ~

When I had fully digested my meal, I heard a sudden explotion. It was a mini-fireworks actually. It seems like they are there to celebrate for me. Eventhough the promising cheese cake did not arrive, I'm not totally dissapointed. Partially is because I'm busy enjoying other foods around. But I'll remind them to get it for me during the 'Adoption's Anniversary' which is just next month.

~ The miniature fireworks across the highway ~


Fu Fu said...

Hey Pacco, happy birthday to you. :)
The food and treats look real yummy. Hope you had a great day.

~ fufu

Dachsies Rule said...

Happy Birthday, Pacco. You are so lucky to get a special birthday meal and a psecial birthday outing to the jungle. We get the same old thing everyday. But we do get hugs and kisses and cuddles!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

regine said...

Happy Birthday Pacco!
Your birthday meal is definitely looks great.. haha..

Boo said...

wow, generous treat for barkday huh. you are well treated.

wet wet licks


Melissa-Jane said...

Sweeeet birthday....but yet simple! Atleast your owner treated you with some tasty human food. Atleast you can be fat for once in your life, LOL! Hope you loved your birthday e-card. Happy Belated Barkday to you dear Pacco!!!

Anonymous said...

Aiks I missed your barkday...
Happy belated barkday to you Pacco..

Your treats, food and everything look so good...

Am sure u r so proud to have such a good owner.

Sam Iam said...

Hooray! It's your birthday! There's a whole lot to do...'Cause it's Ice-Cream-and-Treats And Have-Fun time for you!Happy Birthday PACCO

And you haved been tagged!!!

Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...

hey sam,

thx for ur birthday carolss...

Molly said...

hi Pacco ! Happy barkday !

Anyway, wanna announce on my side one also... me, benben and scooby are having a barkday party at mommy's house on 5/5/07... and u r invited !

to comfirm, do sign up at the Me and My Dog section in ppcom ya ! hehe ! cant wait ! dono wat mommy will gimme for my 1st yr old present..

mommy just posted up on the forum and thinking who to invite..

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Pacco,
Happy Bewated Birfday!!!! That is so neat that there was fireworks on your birfday. Your birfday meal looks so delicious. Bet it was super yummy. Too bad no cheesecake. Mama loves cheesecake. Hope you had a gread day!!!!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

wally said...

happy burpday pacco! but how did i miss your burpday? i feel awful. but it looks like you had a pretty tasty looking meal! and even fireworks for you! though i'm afraid of fireowrks so i would probably hide. after eating all the food.


Ah Boy said...

Happy Birthday, Pacco
ah boy looks so small & tiny when standing next to u :)

Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...


pacco couldn't wait for ur paRTY!

Pink Cotton said...

WAH pacco...are humans allowed to comment here?i only see doggies..hahaah


woot woot :)

ur bday dinner looks pretty nice to me

Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...

ofcoz...every1 is allowed...but is juz that onli doggie frenz like to read my blog...