Monday, April 16, 2007

BHP Orange Run 2007

15 April 2007
This run was organized by the local BHP Petrol at Piazza, The Curve. The main attraction were that the registration for the run was free and all finisher are entitle to receive a Santa Barbara backpack worth RM119.
Since it was a free event, we did not receive any free t-shirt. However, I notice that the BHP staff had nice custom-made t-shirt for themselves with creative caption.
The route was supposed to be 9km. But many runners claimed that it seems longer than 10km! But anyway, there was no qualifying time to met. When I finally finish, I got myself the freebies and free food too. I ate two pack of 'nasi lemak' because is free for all and there's no limit to how many pack you took. I regretted that my appetite just allowed me to consume 2.


Molly said...

cool pacco !~

just wanna b mommy's spokesperson, tat nex time when got this type of run, do inform us ya ! mommy wanna join the fun too !

Pacco de Mongrel said...

ur mummy like which type of run??
those wit nice freebies??

Molly said...

yeah.. actually she loves marathons... so those with freebies makes it even more interesting to her :D

Pacco de Mongrel said...

then do ur mum like those wit medals??

as u can see on d main page of my blog...there is a list of upcoming run that i had posted up...mayb u might be interested to join..