Monday, May 21, 2007

Pet-n-You 2nd Agility & Obedience Trial

~ Are you ready for action? ~

13 May 2007

This time the Happy Dog's food is sponsoring the event. Wonder will I turn out to be an absolutely happy tail wagging mutt after I consumed their product. Then probably we had better hope in the 'Waggiest Tail' contest.

~ Food and trophy! I'm going to bring you back home very soon. ~
~ Me and Dookie ~
~ Yen Yen, my JT mate, dropped by to give his support ~

We signed up for all the 3 maxi category, Basic Jumper, Novice Jumper and Novice Agility. Eventhough the percentage of us completing the offleash dash is down to 'impossible', we still wish to give our support.

~ Hellwork to music demo by Groovy ~
We started off with the Basic Jumper category. However, with 2 attempts we still failed to get a clear run. 1st attempt, nearly running off the ring, while 2nd attempt, knocking down a hurdle, which was definately a major let down, as my history record, I had NEVER knocked down a 16 inch hurdle before. This really put me into shame as a 'High Jump' defending champion.

~ Sick owner getting frustrated with my runs ~

Next was the Novice Jumper, not much different from the initial one, with just an additional collapsed tunnel. We had been doing loads of practise at our own backyard with my owner weirdly designed DIY collapsed tunnel, but I think it worked out pretty well, as I manage to go through that obstacle smoothly during our 1st attempt. With Bank, the Golden Retriever, getting an early out-of-energy after the his 1st run, knocking down 2 hurdles, I manage to clinch the title Novice Jumper Champion. Finally, that's something we can celebrate for.

~ Groovy, taking an easy stroll during the Novice Jumper, with the record of 18 sec! ~
~ Angel anxiously waiting for her appearance in the Novice class ~

Completing 4 rounds of attempts really got me exhausted. Wonder should I consider switching over to the other field, which is the Obedience. Notice that my pals over there is having such a good time.

~ Taking a peek over the opposite field ~
~ The Obedience Trial field, Down Stay routine ~

Our Novice Agility was a total disaster and I feel that my owner wished to chop me into 18 pieces. Not to mentioned that during the 1st attempt, I ran out from the ring and went for a 'poo' and for the 2nd attempt, I went to yet another 'stroll' out of the ring again. While the 2 other participant, both Border Collies, Angel and Chester completed their trial with style. Well, I mean you got to agree with the fact that we're totally in a different league and their owner are professional dog trainer. That's the reason why I choose to run away. While, Groovy the undispute No.1, claimed his 3rd consecutive Novice Agility Champion title.

~ Erm.....can u excuse me for a second? ~

During the X-Game Challenges, it was our last chance to grab as many food back home as possible. But we skip the Fastest Recall and Fashion Show. We took part in the Top Trick Dog and Longest Jumper, and manage to clinch both the title. Yet again, I'm the defending champion of the Longest Jumper with the same record, 8 feet.

~ I will get crucified if I fail in this ~
~ Chester, yet another Border Collie who excel in agility ~

So finally its time for the long awaited Prize Giving Ceremony. This is the first time we manage to brought home 2 trophy and a 15kg bag of food.

~ Hey, Mr. Badri, do u still remember me, d black rascal? ~

Anyway, with me going home with that gigantic 15kg food, the entire household thought that I was the biggest winner of the day. Thus, the amount of food was kinda misleading guide. So I think after the hectic event, is finally the time for me to get some good rest, cause I estimate that the haul can keep me full for approximately 6 months period.

But guess that I'm wrong. My owner swear to 'whoever' yet again, that if next time we fail, she'll bang herself on the nearest tree trunk and just before she do that she'll also make sure that I will get BBQed!

~ This picture can really scare me to death! ~


Joe Stains said...

I am sure you had fun even if you didnt win everything, that is all that matters!

*Sasha* said...

hi pacco,
you are a fabulous! and don worry, even if u don win, you will always be a champion in my heart!

Luna said...

You did a great jump Pacco!! Hey, the BBQ piggy's pic is real scary. But I bet it smell delicious =P~

Amber-Mae said...

Nice pictures! Haha, you get barbequed??? Well, if I don't perform nicely on you know what day, she'll KILL ME! She told me personally... And I don'treally know what she is really gonna do to me. Hmmmm... kill me??? In what way I wonder? LOL! Congrats to you once again Pacco! Just wondering, is that a new dog brand food? Is it new in the market?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Pacco de Mongrel said...

is new in malaysia....n it looks delicious too.... d new variety for pacco to taste...

Blue said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, do come again & leave a picture of you're handsome self in my guest book.

Congrats too on youre two trophys. Great photo's, you looked a wee bit exhauted @ the end

Pats to you

Jazz and Dixie said...

Hi Pacco,
Thanks for visiting our blog. Wow you are a very atheletic dog and we think you did very well! That sure is one big bag of food!!!
Jazz and Dixie

Oscar Airedale said...

Eeek, that BBQ photo is scary! I think you did well Pacco. It's tough doing all those competitions, and Border Collies are tough to beat.

Oscar x

Maggie said...

Look at you go!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome pictures!
You're so talented!

Love ya lots,

Amber said...

Hi Pacco,congrats for ur winnings. Whoa,so many competitive doggies. At least you won a BIG bag of kibbles & trophies right? The BBQ is really SCARY and freaking mommy out!

luv Amber!!

Ferndoggle said...

Yikes! That last picture is scary!!

Looks like you had a great time...and did pretty well dispite a few problems. Congrats!

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Pacco...
Thanks for visiting my site. looked like you had fun!!! And you even won. That is so great. But that BBQ piggy thing is very scarey...better keep jumping!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Sophie Brador said...

That happy food will makes lots of happy poo! You should get a trophy for creativity alone. I hope they all applauded your pooping efforts.

You should also get a trophy for being so darn cute!

P.S. I love the picture of you jumping.

Billy said...

You did well Pacco, love your moves! It's not who wins, but how you played the game and mainly that you had fun:)

That last picture is freaky!

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

Momo :) said...

Hello and nice to meet you Pacco! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. :)

Wow!! You're the superdog!!! You have very long legs. You look like a supermodel as well.

The last picture did freaked me out!! :)

Momo xoxo

Goofy said...

Nice photos you have there..except the last BBQ one..Sooo scary..

Finnegan said...

Great job! I love the photos, except for the BBQ one. Mommy and I are scared of that one.


Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Pacco,
I'd love to intro u..but I was too shy to get Mr Collie's name. hehehe...
Nice jumps....erm..that BBQ pikture scares me. phew...

Nugget said...

hi Pacco, Great pictures, the BBQ pic scared Mum. Good job on your jumping efforts!

BLU and Comet said...

That BBQ made my girl jump. At first she thought it was a doggie who didn't win the ocntest. We thought it looked yummy.
Comet and BLU