Sunday, April 03, 2005

The most memorable day for me.

2nd April 2005.

I felt so sad and desprate when I wrote this blog. 2nd of April 2004 is the day Kinki leave me forever.

Today, is yet another Satuday trekking for me and Kinki. As I opened the car door, Kinki hop in without me even instruct her to do so. And indeed Kinki really enjoyed herself every Saturday at Bukit Gasing where she can have a great time exploring the jungle.

As usual I let Kinki off-leash at the stream and after we had finished playing with the water, I'll tied her back to the harness. But yet again, Kinki wanted to escape from the harness half way through by reversing herself. That's her trick to get lossen.

So I just let her wander herself, since this is not the first time she walk off-leash by herself. As I was busy chatting with Cindy, I notice that Kinki went off track. I called out her name, but she just refuse to stop her exploring. Me getting annoyed by her behaviour just continuing with my walk without her. But I just didn't realize that Kinki will be lost in the jungle.

I really regreted on what I had did and I should actually not leave her behind. But anyway, no matter what I do know, Kinki will never appear again in my view.

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