Thursday, March 03, 2005

Chinese New Year, 2005

This is yet another Chinese New Year for Kinki. But this year is much better than next year, cause this year Kinki was allowed to be at the balcony. I still remember last year, Kinki had to be tied up at the backyard all day long because my grandpa said that she will scared off the visitors.

Nonetheless, I would said that Kinki would never ever bite anyone nor she would bark at any visitors. But Kinki is indeed had improve a lot on her behaviour and now she had well trained by her proud owner, Amanda Lee Jia Hui. (But when Kinki is out from the house, everything is totally different).

I can now command Kinki to sit, down and stay without any treats. And she will not run about in the house and will not bark at visitors. She is very gently to children and willing to pose whenever I'm taking her pictures.

And my grandparent is also proud of her. Cause my relatives Cocker Spaniel is such a pampered little furkid that will bark whenever the owner leaves her and when we are having our dinner. And ofcoz not being trained at all. She just couldn't sit by command. So that's why my grandpa love to see Kinki performing tricks in front of my relatives.

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