Thursday, September 01, 2005

Merdeka Day 2005.

31st August, 2005.

Merdeka Day is another boring day for me, Pacco and Hero.
I woke up early in the morning to watch the live parade at Putrajaya because my 13 years old cousin was taking part in the event as a girl guide patron. After 2 hours sitting in front of the idiot box, the parade had finally end, but I didn't notice any sign of my cousin.

When she came home during the afternoon, I tolded her that I didn't saw her in the TV. But guess what she told me, "I was at Shah Alam, not Putrajaya!."

It rains heavily at 2 pm and I had a nap. At 3 pm, my sister wanted me to go Taman Jaya with her, cause she wanted me to help her snap some pictures of her doing some kind of community works.

So I dressed up myself, eventhough I'm just going to Taman Jaya, coz I'm wearing my pyjamas even during the afternoon if I'm not step out from the house. And ofcoz I'm bring my Pacco and Hero. Having them tied to the leashes need approximately 10 minutes, cause I wanted them to get seated calmly when being tied.

My cousin and brother also followed us to Taman Jaya and my brother is riding his mountain bike. We went into the Taman Jaya and was relief to see not many people in there, firstly its because its Merkeda Day and secondly is because it is 3 pm.

I found a nice scenery to snap some picture with Pacco and Hero. But just as we are having a good time, a MPPJ officer pass by and ask me to get out of there. He said that 'No Dogs Are Aloowed". So reluctantly we all have to move out.

Our next detination, is my former school and also my sister and cousin recent high school, the Catholic High School. I was glad that the guard are not on duty that day. So we went in the school compound to have a brief walk around. Then later we move our spot down to the football field. I unleashes Pacco and Hero to let them run around fetching the ball. It was a great time and all of us really enjoy ourself by just looking at Pacco running all around as if she was being jailed before. But Hero, the Boxer got tired so easily that he just lay down and reluctant to chase the ball.

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