Sunday, August 28, 2005

Training time for Pacco and Hero

Whenever Pacco and Hero saw me, they will get extremely excited and jumping all around. I feel annoyed when my mum scolded me for my dirty clothes. So I try to wear dark coloured clothes whenever I can. But then my mum will complaint that the dirt aren't visible, so how can she wash it clean. Arg~~~....

Training session for Pacco and Hero officially started today evening. First of all, I had to tied up Hero at the corner while starting off with Pacco. I ordered her to sit and she did manage to understand what I said. Then later I teach her 'hand' and 'high 5'. Also not much problem, so i proceed with down and stay. But she just couldn't stay still and wandered off. Will try again tommorow, so that's all for today.

As for Hero, I had face tough problem to get him sit. He knew the sit command, but he will instantly get his butt off before even reaching 3 seconds. Anyway, I manage to teach him 'hand' and over the hoop. But I don't think that he could jump well, even in the future.

The above picture was taken when I was trying to get both of them sitting beside each other. To you it may looks simple, but actually it takes me lots of effort to do that.

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