Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Being an Indoor Dog for a Day

18 September 2005

Finally grandpa and grandma are not around during the weekend again. So Pacco got the opportunity to sneak in the living room illegally. She's rather well behave despite seldom had the chance of being an indoor dog. Initially, she will dash front and back the kitchen several times until she is exhausted. And later she will sniff around in order to find any suspicious thing for her to play with. Finally, she will settle down with me by sleeping on the mattress that I had ready for her.

The best part is, she will not retrieve anything from the living room table and from the laundry back, that my previous Kinki tends to do. Kinki like to play with stocking. However, Pacco tends to roll her ball under the couch and I have to keep on bringing it out for her.

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