Monday, October 03, 2005

Eukanuba Fair 2005

1st and 2nd October 2005

It was the annually Eukanuba Fair again. As usual I will buy lots of dog kibbles home. Pacco took part in the Dog and Owner Lookalike, Dog Race and Superdog competition. Although, Pacco did not manage to win, she did complete all the obstacles. So I would then put more effort in training her and hopefully next round, she might able to at least a 3rd placing for me.

As for Yvonne, Happy took part in the MKA Show. and I think she did get a couple of ribbons. But I'm not sure whats that called. Scruffy did make it to the Mines on both days, but he was back early so did not get the chance to participate in any games. But Janice did try out the Pets and You Agility equipment with Scruffy.

This is the first time, I was there to witness the MKA Dog Show. Every handler were wearing their formal dressing. But unfortunately, most of them are smoking in the air-conditioned area. The ventilation in the indoor are poor and stuffy.

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