Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Treasure Hunt @ Ikano Round 2

9th October 2005

This is the second of Treasure Hunt organized by the Pet Safari. I reach there at 8.30am. As expected I saw Janice with her Scruffy and Stanley. But I was surprise to see Fawn, Mun Yee and Groovy. So Janice and Stanley partner up to make up a team. While I'm alone, Amanda the organizer ask a man who is supposingly to be free to accompany me. Erm....sorry that I had forgotten his name.

I was kind of surprise to find out that the organizer repeats some of the question from the previous round. So I'm familiar with the answer and had confident to win a placing. But unfortunately there is a riddle that I couldn't understand and failed to answer correctly. And for the sit stay for 30 minutes tasks, Pacco keep on breaking her stay and eventually took 9 times to complete. So we failed to win a placing. But anyway, Amanda said that I could try again next round. But I'm to shy to participate again. Hahaha.....maybe will turn up abit late to play at Pet Safari.

About playing at Pet Safari, I was puzzled that Pacco refuse to climb up the A frame. I still remember she can climb very well at the Pets & U Agility obstacles, which is much higher and steeper than Pet Safari. I wonder maybe the bright yellow colour with blue stripes frighten her.


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