Monday, October 17, 2005 A Famosa Gathering

15th & 16th October 2005.

I was an exciting day for me and my sister, Michelle for we are going to spend a night at A Famosa Resort with Pacco, our black angel. I woke up 7.00 am and it was raining heavily. Despite the rain, I still need to get Pacco a quick bath. I bath her in the bathroom and dried her up with a hair dryer and get her a t-shirt to wear, cause I afraid that she might get a cold.

We reach Mines at 9.00am and waited for Lean to pick us up. She brought along CK's pomerian, Chew Chew. Later we met up with Janice, Stanley and Yvonne at Sungei Besi Toll. We are surprise to see that there are a few more other cars along with they silkys and shih tzu.

On the journey to A Famosa, Janice car got out of our sight. We called them up and was surprise to find out she got the wrong way and ended up about 30 minutes late. We just couldn't stop teasing them. At 11.30am, we reach A Famosa and was delighted to find out that we could check-in early. We settle down and get ourselve the most luzurious bedroom. My sister was trilled to find out that there is Astro available for she had not watch Astro for ages.

Janice bungalow is just next to our bungalow and Yvonne a few lot away. Later at 4pm had organize some doggie games for us and we were very excited to see many trophies up there. Janice were taking lots of pictures of the thophies and were determine to get some it them. I was also delight and just hope that I at least can get one. I'm not that greedy though. Hehe.....

The game started soon and the first game was the 'Fastest Recall'. This time I'd change the strategy, I asked my sister to call Pacco, instead of me who previously the one who called her. So I hold Pacco's collar tightly and my sister shouted her name from the other end. Pacco was so excited and started to jump and barl. I was amaze with her drive. As soon as the wisthel was blown, I released Pacco and she dash towards Michelle. And indeed we did qualify for the final round. For the second race, Pacco was also very excited and couldn't settle down, but when she was running towards Michelle, she did not fully concentrate and she did slow down a little to look at other dogs running.

I'm not sure what placing she get, but was not confident towards getting into the podium. When Arthur announce the 2nd-runner up, 'Michelle', I jumped up and ask my sister to get the trophy. I was so happy as this was the first time ever, my dog get a placing after 2 years of active participation in dog's event. Janice's Scruffy got the first placing for this game.

And next we had the other 5 games, the longest stay, weaving with the dogs, run-a-thon, fancy dressing and waggiest tail. Scruffy's tail just wouldn't stop wagging. He got an automatic wagging tail and he was like wagging his tail 24 hours. So we are not surprise that he turn out to be the champion for the waggiest tail contest. As for the longest stay, Scruffy's manage to be the 1st runner up, while Pacco just manage to stay for 30 seconds. Hehe......

For the run-a-thon, the owner had to run along with the dog forbout 300 meter distance only. But I turned out to be the 4th person reaching the finishing line. I was so disapointed.

Anyway, I still got a trophy, so not empty handed. Janice got lots of free tickets for the Water Park and Animal Safari. So the next day, we all can enjoy ourselves without paying a single cents. Hurray!!

While we heading to Malacca town for our dinner, I locked Pacco up at my bedroom. I was confident that she won't pee or poo on the bed and she won't destroy anything cause she was so tired and will probably sleep the whole night long.

After the dinner, we went to the Pasar Malam to shop and was trilled that I manage to spent RM70 in the pasar malam. I did regret for buying some unwanted stuffs.

As soon as I reach home, I quickly get Pacco. And indeed she did behave well, she didn't destroy anything and did not dirty the room. All she did was just pulling out all my sister clothes from her backpack and putting them on the bed.

Pacco refuse to eat her kibbles again and I was worried. So Lean suggest me to mixed it with some Chew Chew canned food. and indeed Pacco manage to finish up all her kibbles and begging for more. Hehe....

The next day, we spent the morning eating breakfast buffet and the Water Park. But the food aren't delicious and not much choice avaiable. Later, we headed to Animal Safari. The animals in there looks bored and lazy. some are even sick and I could manage to capture a picture of a dead dear, lying down with its eye open.

The Water Park was also not as fun as the Sunway Lagoon. If I were to pay 30 bucks to play there, I would have regreted. But luckily its free of charge.


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