Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Jungle Trekking is Back!

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11 April 2006

At last, I manage to wake up at 7.00 am to being my Pacco baby to trekking after few months of absentees.

As usual, I'm the first to reach the main entrance. The members who show up include, Cindy & Rakan, Rocky & Jiro, Audrey & Duchess, Pey Shy & Yen Yen & Fei Fei, Evelyn, Jo and etc....

Pacco is so excited and couldn't wait to start the trek. She again did her horizontal jump. This is yet another memorable trek for me as I accidently drop into the one feet deep mini waterfall. I'm all wet from waist down and I'm sure Pacco should be a little responsible to this incident eventhough I know that I'm clumsy. So I force her to join me in the water by pulling her. But her stood still and wouldn't move an inch. And as i pull her step backward and the harness come off. But luckily I've expected this kind of situation might happen and I've already install a backup security system....haha.... sound like expert.... by attaching a choke chain from her collar attach with the harness. I know its hard to understand what I'm trying to explain. But anyhow, this could guarantee than my dog will never had a chance to escape.

Finally, I manage to get her in the water. Pacco seems to be so afraid in the water and she looks like she being petrified as in the Harry Potter series. I couldn't stop myself but to laugh at her stupid act.

As soon as we reach our main destination, the stream, everyone let their dog offleash to enjoy the running sensation. Although the aren't any wave, but I still had the feeling of being at the beach. As usual, Groovy just don't bother playing with other dogs or sniffing at the bushes. All in his mind is only the DAMN ball. I think Fawn had already brain wash him, by forcing him to sleep with ball ever since his a puppy. Hmm.... this must be true... (hahah)

Pey Shy got a new puppy, named Fei Fei (I hope my spelling is correct). She is a cutely pomerian puppy, just like a furball. And Fei Fei loves her brother Yen Yen so much that she follow him wherever he goes.

Initially I didn't let Pacco offleash, cause I knew her recall is terrible. I would definately not be able to call her back when I wanted to. But after seeing other dogs enjoying themselves by running around, I knew Pacco would love to join them. So I let in and offleash her. Pacco runs for her life as she had never had a chance to do that at home. Smelling at the bushes and hiding at a private place to poo is what she usually does. I wonder why Yen Yen and Pacco doesn't seems to get along well. They both always attempt to fight with each other and for once Pacco seems to be afraid of other dogs. She came hiding under my legs for shield.

When its time for me to restrain her, I called out her name. As expected, I knew she would not turn up at once, and take the opportunity to runs a few more round before getting herself restricted. So finally, Pacco came sitting in front of me after I held out her favourite liver treat. So not bad, for this recall. Pacco manage to come back in less than 2 minutes.


Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

Yup, long time no c at d trek. U seemed really happy running off leash. Yah, Yen Yen can play pretty rough...dun worry, will hv a word with him.

Apologies 4 only paying attention 2 d ball, its an obsession. Btw, who is Morgan Love?

Anonymous said...

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