Sunday, May 14, 2006

Jungle Trekking (13 May)

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Pacco 'have fun' or 'being annoyed' with Valentine?

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Yen Yen and Fei Fei looks so loving together

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Rusty and his new buddy, Valentine.

13 May 2006

Today just a few of the trekkers show up. Audrey, Pey Shy, PCM and his dad. While Rocky was late and will only met us on top of the Lookout Tower, and Cindy is back to Holland with Rakan.

Although it might be just only five dogs present at the stream, they did had a good time. Pacco manage to dash around without knocking on others and Rusty got a female all by his own. Valentine, the new buddy of Rusty enjoy playing prey cathing with Pacco. The unfortunate one was Yen Yen, because he like to bully others, Pey Shy did not let him offleash. While Duchess seems to be so tired, she just stood there all they long without playing.

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