Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day

14 May 2006

Today is Mother's Day celebration. I was so delighted when Auntie Helen brought Gandpa and Grandma out for a dinner. Ofcoz I'm not joining them, I'm just too happy that I'm all alone at home. They went out at 7.00 pm and without hesitate I quickly bring Pacco into the 'Lee's Kingdom'. Then I prepared some smash egg for both of us to enjoy together while watching some TV programme.

Around 8.00 pm, my family came back together with a 'take away' Domino's pizza. Pacco starts her horizontal leap when she could smell the delicious aroma. Who can resist the temptation of freshly baked pizza. However, I would never let her have one. Its not good for her health and mine too actually. But anyway, I'm a human who average can live up to 70 years, while she is just a dog with a much shorter life span. So its best for her to stay healthy so that she can't spent more time with me. Haha....

Pacco seems to be extraordinary obedient that night, sitting right beside of the table and then right beside of me. Oh, she so lovely. But actually I know what is her motive. All she want is just to taste my pizza. I command my whole family members not to give her even a lick. So eventually after 20 minutes, she gave up on begging and start to lay down by the side watching the F1 spain GP showing in Barcelona.

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