Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pacco's Visit to Ti-Ratana

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4 June 2005

It was so kind of Chris who invited me and Pacco to join in the visit to Ti-Ratana at Sri Petaling and he also offer to give me a ride there. Eventhough my exam starts on the 5th of June, I could hardly resist the temptation of joining in the fun.

We reach the destination at 5.45pm and since its still early we went for a drink. As I reach the Tiratana building, a group of children starts to crowd around me and wanted to talk Pacco for a walk. Most of the children indeed wanted to pat on Pacco, but I must admit that Pacco is afterall not a human-friendly dog. Yes, she might be very friendly to some, especially Pey Shy who every week will give her a great hug, but she might snap others who she does not wish to be touch. Pacco even intend to snap the fingers of some children who put their palm forward. So I better warn them not to give the hand to my dog. Pacco was indeed very nervous, as the environment is closed, crowded and noisy with so many children running around.

After for quite some time, Pacco manage to settle down and enjoying her treats. Then, Shirley, Gab and Russell arrive wearing the Red-Indian custome (Hey, this is not Best Dress Competition la, no need to be so 'Outrageous'!..Hahah....).The dog parade had started and a boy walk up the stage with Pacco, who wore a blue-red T.

Groovy the 'VID' guest came around 8.00pm. As Mun Yee arrived, Pacco seems to restless again, I was puzzled why she was sniffing the air and looking all around for something. Then I realized that she is looking for Mun Yee. I wonder why Pacco like Mun Yee so much, and try her best to reach her to get a pat. Fawn and Groovy did his musical performance with some new steps I could observed. Later, Groovy passing his ball to every kids around him and offer them to throw the ball. How could he be so generous with his favourite ball, I wonder. As for Pacco, ball is not her favourite toy ofcoz, but she will still not give it to others, especially strangers. She rather play it by herself. I notice that she could even play throw and fetch game all by herself, by shaking her head and releasing it, then the ball will bounce few feets away.

It was a great experience to pay a visit to the welfare society. However, I realized that Pacco is not suitable for these kind of occasion, as she's not a friendly dog. But its still a great exposure to her as hopefully in future when she reach such a place again, she won't be that overeactive again.

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