Sunday, May 28, 2006

1st Tenderpaw Test

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27 May 2006

Today Pacco will take her 1st Tenderpaw Test, hopefully she will behave herself and pass the test today. Then I wouldn't need to come again next Saturday as I need to prepare myself for the coming exam.

I reach Ikano together with my sister and Pacco at 5.30pm. The weather is so windy and this is not a good sign. There are few of the members who show up, but not Shirley and Fawn. Anyway, was glad that I finally meet Yen Ling and her Hero. Hero was indeed an adorable Maltese. Was so regret that I was too excited with the test and forget to snap a picture of him and Pacco. It will be lovely to see two dogs, one pure white and one pure black together in the same picture.

Pacco seems a bit excited when she reach the place, so I try out a few agility equipment to get her tired up. When she's tired she will perform better for her obedience. I was so shocked to find out that there is also a test for the owner. I were to memorize the Dog Scouts Motto and the law. How could I manage to do that in less than 15 minutes. But finally, I manage to and Pacco did pass her test with a few attempt.

In the meantime, I also ask my sister to take a video of Pacco jumping across the hurdle. Actually would like to take a snap shot instead, but seems like my camera is unable to do it. Really hope that one day I can dump away this outdated digital camera!

Later around 6.00pm, the rain finally started and headed off to the Training Center at Pet Safari. When all the dogs are having so much fun, a dog came to snap at Pacco (I didn't want to mentioned the breed here). I wonder why she is friendly to others by not my Pacco. Since Pacco get to nervous, my sister bring her out to the pet shop for a walk. Then later, Amanda couldn't wait to show me the newly imported racoon from the US. This was indeed a great experience and it was the first time I manage to hug a racoon.

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