Monday, March 19, 2007

AmBank Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 2007

18 March 2007

~ The run starts before the sun arises ~

The annual AmBank Kuala Lumpur International Marathon was being held at the Independence Square. The flag off time for the full marathon start approximately 4.00am, while I only reach the destination around 6.15am. I took up the 10km run, while my brother and his friend, Abhi, 7km run.

~ Adidas : Impossible is Nothing ~

This time, the route is easier than the previous Putrajaya International. I only faced 2 slopes and the rest were flat and downhill. I manage to jog non-stop from start to finish, but my time is still poor. This time I clocked 1 hour 20 minutes, just 6 minutes improvement compare to the previous Mizuno Run.

For 10km participants, all the Top 500 qualifiers are entitled for a medal. As for my position, I got 337th.

~ Small group picture ~~ The resting crowd ~

~ The Top 500 medals ~

We headed home early and manage to had a bath and decent meal before we enjoyed the F1 GP live at Albert Park, Australia. A new era, without my favourite Michael, my attention switch to Felipe and Kimi. As usual, I felt like deficating whenever I watch F1 races, and the win for Ferrari on that day make me feels more happy than getting a medal from the run. I still had an awkward feeling of not seeing Michael around, but I will get use to it soon.

~ A New Scuderia with new success ~

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