Monday, January 10, 2005

Malaysia K9 Day.

9th January 2005.

It the annual Malaysia K9 Day again. This year I had decided to participate for the Beauty Pageant and Best Tricks competition. Though Kinki is not that pretty and her trick aren't that impressive, I also wanted to show to others that I also manage to train a mongrel. Haha....

As usual Kinki don't really like to fool around with other dogs, but she like to cool herself at the lake. She enjoy swimming very much. When it comes to the time for the Best Trick events, my heart started to pound so quickly that I could hardly breath. I'm so nervous.

When is Kinki's turn to perform, I instructed her to sit and give me a 'high five'. Then I place the hula hoop in front of her and order her to jump over. Initially, she refuse to, but after several persuasion, she did two jumps for me. I'm glad that she finally did it for me and I'm very proud of her.

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